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Welcome! We are pleased to present the following Atlas® glove information. Atlas manufactures gloves for gardening, work, fishing and industry. The ultimate in hand protection. 



Atlas® Gloves

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ATLAS GARDEN GLOVE & WORK GLOVES                               Palm Coated

The Ergonomic design makes the Atlas® work glove ideal for a variety of industries, such as freight handling, construction, agriculture, bottling, waste collection, recycling, assembly, gardening, glass handling and fishing.
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IMAGE ATS300 S-XL The Atlas® 300 Work Glove is a highly popular glove featuring a good grip latex rubber palm and breathable knit back. It is heavier than the equally popular 310 Atlas Fit glove. Great glove for framers, roofers, sheet metal work, and general construction.
305 Work Gloves ATS305 S-XL This new work glove design is similar in construction and materials to the 300 grip glove, but covers more of the back of the fingers and the back of the knuckles. This provides knuckle protection and waterproofing for heavier jobs while still retaining more breath ability than full length waterproof gloves like the 620.
ATS370 S-L The open back construction of the model 370 not only allows hands to breathe, but also lets the Soft Flex gloves bend with every hand movement. Thin nitrile coating ensures great "feel" and protects hands. Great garden glove! Washable.
IMAGE ATS310 XS-XL The 310 is a very popular garden glove. Perspiration free back, good grip, lightweight and comfortable fit. Latex rubber palm. Washable.
IMAGE ATS300BLK S-XL This is the same fabulous glove as the 300 blue and gray version, but in a gray and black color combination. Latex rubber palm, washable.
IMAGE ATS330 M-XL Reinforced thumb crotch, plus slightly thicker palm increases durability up to 3 times in key wear areas. Superior construction work glove. Latex rubber palm, reinforced thumb crotch, rough grip. Gray and black.
 Blue Garden GlovesGarden Glove ATS370 S-XL The Gardening Glove,  the open back construction of the model 370EC not only allows hands to breathe, but also lets the Soft Flex gloves bend with every hand movement. Thin nitrile coating ensures great "feel" and protects hands. Great garden glove! Washable. 370EC has extended cuff.
IMAGE ATS317 S-XL The new Atlas Hi-Viz grip glove ensures maximum visibility and increased safety. You receive all of the premier benefits that you have come to expect from Atlas gloves – great durability, excellent grip, exceptional comfort. Plus, Atlas Hi-Viz gloves can be seen at night or in poorly lit settings.


IMAGE ATS350 S-XL Nitrile gloves give excellent protection against a wide variety of chemicals including many acids and solvents, petrochemicals, caustics, oils, fats and greases. This glove offers the comfort and practicality of the other 300 series glove, while providing a nitrile coating.


Liquid-proof shell protects hands in messy cleanup jobs. With its unique flexibility, the VINYLOVE® is well suited to a variety of applications such as gardening, fishing, maintenance, tile work, construction, janitorial, and many more.
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IMAGE ATS620 S-XXL This Atlas VINYLOVE® classic orange model 620 glove is the most flexible PVC glove on the market. It is as supple as natural latex, but has the chemical resistant properties and pricing advantages of PVC.
IMAGE ATS660 S-XXL Model 660 is the oil resistant version of the popular 620 glove. It offers the same seamless liner for comfort, and adds the special oil resistant formula which withstands gasoline, kerosene, oils and many acids and solvents. This is the same glove as worn by many of the fisherman on "The Deadliest Catch."
IMAGE ATS600 S-XL The 600 glove is the knit wrist version of the 620 and is green in color.


Specially formulated nitrile resists many chemicals and compounds and provides superior protection against punctures, cuts and abrasion. Well suited for the toughest industrial jobs including chemical handling, auto assembly, petro-chemical refining, degreasing and food processing.
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IMAGE ATS720 S-XL The Atlas 720 glove is the first nitrile glove to combine rubber-like softness with excellent chemical resistance and tough abrasion and puncture resistance.


The nitrile palm of Atlas® assembly gloves provides outstanding grip and puncture resistance. Snug fit and flexible construction make these gloves ideal for precise operations requiring maximum dexterity such as detailed assembly, inspection, small parts handling and light fabrication.
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ATS370 S-XL The open back construction of the model 370 not only allows hands to breathe, but also lets the Assembly Grip gloves flex with every hand movement. Thin nitrile coating ensures great "feel" and protects hands. Great garden glove! Available in White or Black.


Seamless DuPont Kevlar® shell and KV350 nitrile palm or KV300 Latex palm provide a unique combination of cut, slash and puncture resistance without sacrificing dexterity. Ideal for glass handling, recycling sheet metal work, bottling and canning.
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IMAGE ATSKV300 S-XL Atlas KV300 employs 100% Kevlar® aramid fiber, which is stronger than steel, to help prevent hand injuries when handling sharp objects. The open-back glove design offers the same perspiration-free comfort as the other popular 300 series gloves. Latex palm. Meets ANSI cut level 3
IMAGE ATSKV350 S-XL Atlas KV350 employs 100% Kevlar® aramid fiber, which is stronger than steel, to help prevent hand injuries when handling sharp objects. The open-back glove design offers the same perspiration-free comfort as the other popular 300 series gloves. Meets ANSI cut level 3. Nitrile palm


Atlas® insulated gloves are ideal for use in freezer plants, cold storage, fishing, farming, and other cold weather outdoor jobs. The unique PVC formulation makes it easy to perform difficult tasks in the harshest conditions.
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IMAGE ATS460 S-XL The 460 orange insulated PVC coated glove features a 100% seamless Acrylic BOA lining that keeps hands warm and dry. The inner liner flexes with the glove allowing freedom of movement and reducing hand fatigue associated with working in cold environments.
ATS490 M-XL The Atlas® 490 Black is a fully coated glove that is triple-dipped in PVC for added
abrasion and oil resistance.  It features an insulated Acrylic liner for extra
warmth in cold environments. Remains flexible in low temperatures.
IMAGE ATS495 M-XL Atlas® 495 glove has the same oil resistant PVC exterior as the 490, but with a REMOVABLE yellow acrylic liner. This makes the glove even more versatile, easier to clean, quicker to dry, and very popular with divers. The removable liner is also sold as a separate item (ATS455).

ATLAS INTRODUCES THE TEMRES 282 INSULATED GLOVE Breathable and water resistant PU fully coated glove with an acrylic liner for added warmth. Combining breathability, resistant to both water and oil and outstanding flexibility, the TEMRES gives exactly what the users have been asking for in a insulated glove, dry, warm hands. The finger tips are coated with tuff NITRILE coating before the 2 coats of Polyurethane are applied giving the wear areas an extra coating for added toughness and wear

It is extremely difficult to achieve good breathability in fully coated gloves that do not let through water or oil. Atlas decided to take on this challenge to prove there abilities as a specialist in glove innovation and manufacturing. The “TEMRES” glove turned the impossible into the possible. The product name comes from Japanese words, “Te” meaning hand, and “MUREZU” meaning no humidness. Warm to -4, like the ATLAS 460 and 490, the TEMRES is the beginning of the next generation of hand protection, breathable, flexible, water proof and resistant to oils.

Available now, in sizes M, L, and XL

Gray Insulated Gloves ATS451 S-XL The new Atlas 451 insulated grip glove offers a warm version of the popular 300 series open-back designed grip work gloves. Light gray PolyCotton/Acrylic liner with the flexible latex grip palm.


Atlas® Vinyl sleeved PVC gloves are the only gloves of this type in the world! A heat sealed, watertight, vinyl sleeve is attached to a seamless PVC glove. Elastic closure near the shoulder ensures dryness and comfort. The next time you reach way down in the tank, or go shoulder deep in garbage, ink, paint, or grease, be sure to use these gloves.
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IMAGE ATS640 S-XL Atlas® 640 double dipped long sleeve glove. Extra long shoulder length sleeve ensures dryness and comfort.
IMAGE ATS690 M-XL Atlas® 690 triple dipped oil resistant PVC glove with extra long shoulder length sleeve.

Unsupported PVC Gloves

Good chemical resistance and rubber like softness make Atlas® PVC gloves perfect for a variety of assembly and janitorial tasks. These gloves provide an economical alternative to nitrile gloves, offering excellent chemical resistance, yet have the flexibility and comfort of natural latex. Also recommended for workers susceptible to natural latex allergies.
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BO700 ATSBO700 S-XL Atlas® BO700. 12" PVC slip on.

Amazing feel: Special PVC formulation allows for maximum flexibility and comfort and reduces hand fatigue, enabling workers to perform precise and detailed tasks. Easy slip on construction: The patented slip on design of Atlas unlined gloves allows for easy on and off, with no particle discharge. Hypoallergenic: Avoid the problems associated with natural latex allergies.

General Purpose Glove

New Atlas Nitrile Long Sleeve Coated Glove.

The amazing flexibility of these new nitrile gloves is the most notable feature. A unique formulation helps reduce the hand fatigue associated with typical coated gloves. Additionally, the coating treatment provides excellent wet and dry grip. The  extra long 26" glove has a 100% cotton liner for comfort.

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ATS772 S-XL Atlas® 772. Long nitrile coated glove offering flexibility and protection. Great for aquarium cleaning.


These gloves are engineered not only to increase worker productivity, but they are also designed to protect sensitive products from the contaminants associated with standard gloves. For use in detailed operations, or for any job requiring "feel" and dexterity.

The new Atlas® lightweight gloves feature a thin polyurethane palm coating. This coating not only exhibits outstanding dexterity and grip, but also provides fingerprint protection and unmatched breathability. The unique molecular structure of polyurethane allows air to pass through the palm, while providing excellent barrier protection for your product. This makes them ideal for assembly work and detailed tasks where cleanliness, flexibility and comfort are at a premium. The liners on these gloves are also designed to minimize the amount of particle discharge associated with cotton or other cut and sewn gloves, ensuring your workers and products stay protected.

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ATSBO500 S-XL Atlas® BO500 Palm Fit Glove.

Breathable and flexible.